Why I love my office

"Great Place to Work" has come out with its latest survey result and unfortunately we did not see our name in the list. I guess we did not participate, but who knows? With recession on, it is any ways extremely difficult to be in good book of employees.

So, I thought why don't I list down a few things that I think make my company great? There have to be some reasons to stick with it from last 6 years !!. I am not saying there are no problems that I see here, if I had to rant against I will have quite a mouthful. But I aiming to bring out as much positivity I can with this post.

This gives me a chance to go in anti-cribbing mode.

-1 I can walk in my office in Denims and T-Shirt any day of the week.

As trivial as this may look, but it is a huge advantage over anything else. Now I can not work in an office with a crisp shirt and a tie on. I haven't worn formal trousers in last 3 years to office, and I would not want to wear it for next 3 too.

-2 Real Open Door Policy.
Not saying we are the best, but I am more than satisfied with my relationship with my superiors, and looking around I see the culture every where, with its ups and downs, but it is still there.

-3 Good brains around me.
I feel great being awed by intelligent souls. Its the catalyst that keeps me going.

-4 Flexi Time.
Rumors are that this may change, but rumors are rumors. I do not need to justify my time in any other way than my work. The expectation of ethical behavior from employees fuels in the desire to behave ethically. This culture may be on a shaky grounds because of our explosive growth in last few years, but as far as the cocoon that I live in is concerned, its rocking!

[Update] As Sameer said

-5 Its in NCR

I get to stay in Saddi Delhi !!! What else do I want.

So what are your reasons to love your Job?
Post in comments.


Sameer said…
Mast hai :-)
you missed the best part..its in NCR !
Girish said…
internet facility.
if u have got nothing to do then you can post blogs, read blogs, post comments, check mails(even there are not any new ones), read news, get weather updates for city which u visited 3 years back but don't intend to go for next 30 years
basically good leisure.
amit said…
the things u have mentioned in ur post, no doubt are very important. And it is the reason why most of the people dont wanna leave aricent..But i also feel at the same time, that change is always good and the least it does is to broaden ur view point to look at things..so rather being stuck at one place its always great to explore and rise...
naunidh said…

As I said that there are number of things I could rant against my Job/Place of Work. But the idea here was to stop cribbing for once and look at the positive side :)
Tathagata Nandy said…
Well I can accept your other reasons ( with a pinch of salt may be) but

"Good brains around me "

Are you serious buddy ?
Girish said…
request to follow up with "why hate my office"
naunidh said…

You are write they are getting less day by day...but some of them are still there you just need to look harder now.

The lack of them could be the reason why I have started hating office...but am trying to be positive here !!
Jessica said…
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