If I were laid (off) :)

No pun intended in the Title :).

But seriously, have you ever wondered what will you do if for some reasons you were handed a pink slip tomorrow morning ! Not an unexpected scenario in these troubled times.

I have.

The list of five things I may opt for if I am laid off work tomorrow morning:

1. Take my family to a nice but not-so-expensive vacation (probably a day long ) before I break the news to them.

2. Start looking for a new job from day 0.

3. Start an Internet venture, because it needs almost zero investment and potentially can keep me occupied and productive forever. (I have ideas)

4. With bad market conditions lease a commercial space on bargain prices. Now start selling some stuff (Basic Food, Education, and Health are recession proof products).

5. Start pedalling stuff on ebay and start looking up on inventing low-risk cyber-scam (always wanted to do this !!!)

Do I sound looking up to a pink-slip. Maybe.

What are your five things to do after a layoff?

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G said…
1) go to a pub
2) go to a brothel
3) rob a bank
4) go to another pub
5) go to another brothel
naunidh said…
Thats very Australian :)
cHinX said…
aah... confessions of a dangerous mind.

-ADdy Varma
amit said…
Hmm Difficult to say but i guess i will be releived to start with :)
Now what i will do is

1)DO nothing for next couple of days :)
2)Go for an outing with friends where i will be drinking and smoking like anything.
3)Try and lose virginity.. Its high time i guess.. Please dont get me wrong.
4)will try to start a business of mine.
5)And yes will ofcourse look for a job :) i almost forgot this one. :)

By the way naunidh u r not going anywhere..i mean u will be the last one to be sacked..so chill..
Anonymous said…
Start my blog :)
G said…
Try and lose virginity.. Its high time i guess..

WTF, Are you telling me you have not even tried a cow? Too lazy sloth koala snail
Tathagata Nandy said…
Oh dear ! I would probably

1) Drink a lot of beer
2) Make dinner for my wife and keep her happy as I can hope that she also has not lost her job.
3) Go to a cheaper house as I pay 20k in rents here ..
4) Sell those stupid non performing stocks
5) Relax and have some more beer and then ya job of course .. I will get it , I m sure :-)
i'd say your thinking sane after all these years :P
Hope u don't get to see it... but maybe I could help u out if need be :)
naunidh said…
Thanks, support of friends is what everyone will need.

Though I would like to add here - the idea of writing the post did not stem from any threat to my job :)

Few people close to me did get laid-off and probably from there I thought, how different people will react to there job loss.

The best part is most of them think, they will handle it positively!!

So Abhi what will be your five things.
Manpreet said…
To be honest,
1) I won't tell it to my family
2) Will start exploring alternative careers - maybe start my own restaurant
3) Will look at possible fraud/ghotala which I can do :) - will put a stop to all financial worries for life, ek hi baar mein :))
4) Will start looking for a new job - koi to kuch kaam de hi dega... :)

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