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Why I love my office

"Great Place to Work" has come out with its latest survey result and unfortunately we did not see our name in the list. I guess we did not participate, but who knows? With recession on, it is any ways extremely difficult to be in good book of employees.

So, I thought why don't I list down a few things that I think make my company great? There have to be some reasons to stick with it from last 6 years !!. I am not saying there are no problems that I see here, if I had to rant against I will have quite a mouthful. But I aiming to bring out as much positivity I can with this post.

This gives me a chance to go in anti-cribbing mode.

-1 I can walk in my office in Denims and T-Shirt any day of the week.

As trivial as this may look, but it is a huge advantage over anything else. Now I can not work in an office with a crisp shirt and a tie on. I haven't worn formal trousers in last 3 years to office, and I would not want to wear it for next 3 too.

-2 Real Open Door Policy.
Not s…