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My First Perl Script - The Story

We guys at office are pretty lazy at doing whatever we are asked to do, at least most of us.
So the other day this friend of mine was presented with a baffling problem. He had to download around 50 RFC's from net for his upcoming project. Now I would be more worried about reading those 50 documents but he thought that getting each one of them individually from Internet was tough. This guy wanted a solution wherein he could sleep on his desk and all the documents would come automatically to his folder. So here is a perl script I wrote to help him out. This script downloads RFC's and places them in current folder. This script can be used to download RFC's in batch from command line. Neat?

Dont know how much sleep he got, coz it worked pretty fast :)

Since this is my first perl script, it might be a little messy.

Download the Script from CPAN

The First Post - Naunidh

Lets start this blog with a technical flavor, I spotted these interesting languages on net today,

- Jython
These days anything that starts with 'J' is associated with Java, and this is also true for Jython. It’s a pure Java implementation of Python language. Seems to me that Java is becoming more and more 'geeky' (the way C-guys would put it).

Rush, check it out on And yes it’s a seamless integration. I will try some more complicated scenarios and report if anything is a miss.

- Groovy

This doesn’t start with 'J', but who is stopping it from being the most talked about scripting language for Java.


Naunidh Singh Chadha