Those Bastards - Delhi Bomb blast

It started as a good day, after four weeks I did not have my mysterious weekend fever. I was thinking about reviewing the amazing Chrome from Google or just write about my best friend, Monu's , engagement. And then as the French said, Le temps d├ętruit tou, Delhi was shattered by the Bomb blasts, as of now I am not sure if the mayhem is over, there were four Blasts around Delhi and it was, mildly put, Sickening.

Suddenly my gut twisted, as I saw the places where I have spent most of my times shopping, having fun, hanging around since my childhood, turned to hell. Twisted metal, blood, wounded injured bodies, Fear and tears in everyone's eyes. These places were frequented by young people, all of them were in prime of their lives. Many are dead, some will be disabled, some will go back home with memories of this evening haunting them for ever.

It saddens me, I am not sure if I ever had this feeling before - the anger, the fear of uncertainty, the sorrow, the ache in my heart and the occasional tear down my eye.

These were places where I had memories, my first Date, my summer vacations spent in Palika Bazar, The festive shoppings, Friends that I made in these markets, my first step into business, areas where I got lost, where strangers helped me, where I helped strangers, where I lost my wallet, had street fights, had accidents, had some fond dinners. Places where I felt safe. Places where I always wanted to be, where I wanted my friends to be. All wiped out, with images of blood and gore.

Not that anyone close to me was injured (I am still frantically calling up my friends and family). The whole episode is making me wonder in the kind of world we are living, how can some one be so cruel, is humanity dead for ever? What paltry purpose will this solve and at what price?

I feel sorry for the victims and their family. May be we all are also responsible for this as we are part of the same society that breads these insane minds. As for the people responsible for this, more than punishment I hope God gives them sense to see what they have done.


A sad and disgusted soul.


Anonymous said…
I share your sentiments. I write for a Gurgaon city blog called and am appalled at what I see on TV, today.
naunidh said…
Yeah its becoming worse.
Anonymous said…
may be a idea of wednesday (movie) is actually good
naunidh said…
Its got to inspire people for sure.
Raj said…
I have similar feeling!

I have meeting first saturday of every month in CP and I take bus from barakhamba road only around 6:15....

Man this is haunting scary..

Are we safe? teaches a lesson - anything can happen anytime, be helpful!!

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