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Bygone days !!

I had planned to start updating this blog only when I get a broadband at home. Had been wasting precious time at office on this. But it seems that it will take ages for me to get a broadband, reasons vary from bureaucracy in public sector to selfish economic interests of Pvt. Sector :)

So here I am with nothing new to say, so may be we can discuss past. I was in one of my MS classes, the ‘supporting-your-eyelids-with-your-hand-lest-they-close’ kind of class, when our teacher narrated this interesting purchase by NCDC, India somewhere in 1980’s.

NCDC stands for National Cooperative for Development Cooperation, one of the numerous government organizations setup primarily to spend money and make there bosses rich :). So NCDC ordered a computer with following configuration in early 80’s

RAM 128 KB
FDD yes, supported 360 KB floppies
(now comes the best part)
Speed 5 MHz in Turbo Mode

I did not ask for more information, as speaking up generally attracts attention, and that is not a …