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Finally Renault comes with an AT

Renault, Nissan and Fiat have been the biggest laggard in Indian market. Renault has been happy with its success of Duster but was caught napping with the onslaught of Suzuki and Hyundai's cross over vehicles. Even though Creta from Hyundai and X-cross from Suzuki are smaller than Duster, there appeal and build quality has made them favorites of the Indian customers.

Renault took a long time (more than 2 years) to bring its next generation Duster in India. The only interesting thing in this launch is the fact that Renault has come up with a  automatic transmission in its Diesel variant. There is almost no competition in the Diesel AT space at this price range in India. There are only four options (below) and none of them is a cross over vehicle.
Skoda RapidVolkswagen VentoHyundai VerenaTata Zest Good luck to Renault, the last slump in sales hopefully brought down the snobbishness from there sales staff !

Team BHP review of Duster

Nano converted into a driverless car

Our own Dr Roshy John who works for TCS in Kerala has converted his Nano into a driver less car. The car can autonomously change lanes, navigate traffic, brake and is also equipped with an emergency stop switch. Dr. John has also confirmed that the development has been in a form of a kit that can be installed in any other car with slight modifications. Check out the video details below where he discussed in great detail on how his car was built:

Though we can see that the car has not been tested extensively on the roads but in true Rajnikant style Doctor John comes in front of the car to show its auto stop capability.

Made with LOVE in India !

Google Car hits a bus and this time it could be at fault

Probably the first time ever Google car has hit a bus in California the test driver in the car mentioned that he was expecting the bus to yield and that is why it did not override the car's controls. If the DMV ruled this against Google this will be the first time that Google would have been at fault in a Google car accident.

 I think the bus might have purposely not slowed down - with Google's ambition to come in public transport there are lot of enemies out there !

Google's report with incident statement is available in this report

BMW 3 Series vs Volvo S60 vs Audi A4

India has seen an onslaught of entry level luxury cars, the Audi, the BMW and the Volvo are the top three contenders for sub-40 lac space. There is no definitive winner out of these three as the ride and handling are very subjective. All the three cards provide the best of European engineering and the pros and cons of each car are an individual nuance.

My choice BMW series 3 - it has more room then Audi, better handling and best after-sale out of the three models.

Audi A4

Like all the other Audi's this one provides the best water wadding capabilities in the Indian roads :)The super-fast S4 is the gem of a ride. The CVT engine does the job well, however if going for the sports model for the joy driving A4 does a great job.Taut and stable handling - for people who prefer this style, no other car beats A4. Though I prefer the softer handling of BMW.

The most cramped back seat of the three cars, once the novelty of the new car wears out this would become an irritant fo…