US Serial Killers in India !!

Although I am an avid reader and own around 100 paperbacks/hardbacks, but I am not the kind of person who picks up books full-priced from book shops. I rely more on libraries and the ubiquitous used-book network. having said that, I still picked up Foreign Body, by Robin cook from New Delhi Railway Station last week.

I have admired Cook from the day I read Coma and have followed up every book he has written after that and after each book it seemed his writing has deteriorated. I guess Foreign Body is the final nail in the coffin. It can not get worse then this. Find it out yourself by buying the book :)

Any ways the real story was the reason for picking up the book in the first place. The summary at the back presented itself as a story on Indian medical tourism and the deaths being caused in India. I was jolted into action by the thought of my fav author writing against my country.

All that anger vanished within the first 30 pages after seeing that the entire sub plot revolves around some American surgeons trying to dis-credit Indian medical industry. I guess all the fun was over just then, the suspense gone and the story ended there for me. This is the first Cook's book that I will be leaving unfinished (And damn I bought it !)

I am off to Paths Of Glory. Hope it turns out good.

BTW if you are wondering what the title has to do with the post, this is to let you know how I felt after reading the first 30 pages :)


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