Pakoda mail - tutorial ?

Once in September of 2006 when the North Carolina weather was in a cusp of thundering rains and dry autums, I ventured to my kitchen to fry up some snacks. Here is the writeup on that effort and the thought proess behind the courage :)

One fine day the gods above blessed me with about 200 gms of 'Baisan'. Not to waste such a fortunate opportunity, I pondered over the best way to use this yellow, weired smelling, soft powder. My first thought was to use it on my face and get a better complexion. After a quick glance in the mirror I realized I was already looking quite handsome, and the pseudo-brown complexion has quite a charm of its own here in US. Then I invited some of the not so great brains from all over the world to help me put this thing to good use. After some brain storming with my friends in Raleigh, California, Gurgaon, Delhi and even B'lore, I quickly realized that I needed some more grey power to get me over this predicament. So I followed the advice given in the book "The Monk who sold his damn red thing", and sat down to meditate (I watched WWE, undertaker v/s the new Indian giant from Punjab). After some highly focused session of deep concentration it dawned upon me that I should use this besan to make 'bread rolls'. Yes that was it, the answer from an enlightened mind. As they say 'Common sense is most uncommon'.

Now bread rolls have a special place in my heart, they were my staple diet when I was a kid, maybe that's why I have got fashionable crooked legs, and a stooped shoulder. Not like all the other abnormal people with straight postures and head so up high they miss the next man-hole in the street. Plus the bread rolls also take care of the bread that I bought a month back. It was still lying at the least accessible corner of my refrigerator. So what if I need to use a butcher's knife to get the slices apart....Any ways the attentive souls might be wondering (again?) that this mail is titled 'bread pakoda' and why o why is this guy rattling about 'bread rolls'. I will answer this in next para (A technique copied from Ekta Kapoor, to get most eyeballs).

Here below is my unsuccessful quest to make the perfect bread roll, follow the pics with the commentary mentioned ,

Step 1: The two opposite sides have been prepared and are awaiting the awesome force of my fingers for amalgamation.

Step 2: The stage is set, Kitchen is already so
messy. But I am 'The One', so doesn't matter.

Step 3: The first specimen is out, it tastes better then it looks, The onions are holding out to there dear lives, lest they fall down. Some of the Onions sacrificed themselves in the pan.

Step 4: The second specimen is out, this looks better and even tastes better. The Onions are still not that secured. 'The One' is tired now and is almost giving up the quest.

Step 5: Here it is, the answer to all questions, total security for onions and their allies potatoes. A sealed bread pakoda.. atleast things will not spill out this way, and it is easy to manage too :) Bread rolls, I lost this time, but will take you up in the reloaded version !!


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